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Gamification, what is that?

Gamification and its outcomes involve challenges and solving problems through better decision making. We have all played and enjoyed games and through them persevered to be better. Good games have triggered an innate self-competitiveness towards improvement as long as they have had a positive impact on the player or group. Its also important to know that gamification is not bounded by technology. You can have meaningful games with stones, but the important aspect is to design for the outcome and impact, or in this case, the learning.


gamified learning

Why Gamify Learning?

Practically all experiential learning is a derivative of gamification. You engage with your team in a construction activity to learn how to be better at project management. How to improve your focus on quality and to enhance your time management skills. Similarly, a well designed learning game can meet your requirement of presentation skills or negotiation or communication.

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Does it work?


Oh yes. Research has shown that we’re far likely to experience change, be it in our learning or adaptation, when the environment is immersive. And gamified learning is one of the few ways that you can get this form of immersive experiences and possibly the only way currently available to experience it in a group.

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